About Us


EVZEST Team is  passionate about Electric Vehicles and Clean energy. Our aim is to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce worldwide dependence on oil and thus improve the global environment.

EvZest is leading Internet-based charging infrastructure, supporting all EV charging standards Manufacturer. EvZest offers a total solution: specific charging solutions for any location type and connected services to enhance any business or residence. The chargers easily connect to any service or payment application.

Evzest's Internet connected chargers enable fast global service and pro-active maintenance. Evzest is creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.

Products Range

EVZEST are the manufacturers and service providers of products range like DC Charging Station, Private EV Charging Stations, Split Charging Station, Shared EV Charging Station, Public EV Charging Station, Commercial Charging Station, AC Charging Station, DC Fast charging, Charging Accessories, EV Charging Spare Parts, Maintenance & Installations etc.

Renewable Energy

EVZEST also get the EV industry to interact with the community. We really love clean technologies like recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels) etc. We believe these technologies will power our transportation, homes and meet our energy needs in the future in a sustainable manner. ​We are doing a number of efforts to promote EV’s and have promoted community charging by pioneering the idea of community charging stations, where communities open up their homes, offices ​and businesses for EV owners.

Vision & Mission

- To be valued as an innovative, trusted and highly respected public utility for generations to come.
- To provide sustainable, reliable utility services that enhance the quality of life with safe and clean environment.
- To promote EV Charging & provide EV Energy Solutions
- EV Equipment Supply, Engineering, Installation & Maintenance

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