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Team at EVZEST is passionate about Electric Vehicles and Clean energy. Our aim is to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean & affordable Resources. Our mission is to contribute our best in EV infrastructure development which will help to reduce carbon emissions globally.

We build easy-to-use and durable charging solutions for electric cars. So every electric vehicle driver can hit the road fully charged, and a zero emission world becomes a reality.


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The world of EV charging

EVZEST are the manufacturers and service providers of products range like DC Charging Station, Private EV Charging Stations, Split Charging Station, Shared EV Charging Station, Public EV Charging Station, Commercial Charging Station, AC Charging Station, DC Fast charging, Charging Accessories, EV Charging Spare Parts, Maintenance & Installations etc.

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Ev Zest Makes electric vehicles part of people's life, offering a full range of charging solutions to charge electric cars, motorcycles and buses with integration in management systems for efficient use of electric grid infrastructure.